Evenfall Restaurant – Haverhill, MA

CP Chisels Chocolate Plate Let me introduce you to my ‘Rule of 3.’  Remember when gas prices first made that scary leap up?   I live in the boonies, so I decided not to leave the house unless I had 3 reasons.  Now now…I hear those wheels a ‘turning.  A Snickers bar, toilet paper, and garlic is not 3 – that’s one grocery trip, my friend.  But if you also pick up pizza for dinner and return library books, you’ve got yourself a winning trio.  There are exceptions:  Going to work.  An errand less than 10 minutes away – although if I can do 3, brownie points!  (Wait, I never know where to cash in my points – just hand over the brownie). Emergencies.  “I’m sorry honey, I can’t take you to the emergency room just yet, I need two more errands.”  But like most Rules, this gets broken.


Evenfall is across the Plaistow border in Haverhill, MA.  I wanted to go there for my birthday, but could only come up with stopping to pick up hummus (garlic!).  Looks like its ‘Rule of 2,’ and I don’t really need hummus, so it’s more like ‘Rule of 1.5’.

Bread with garlic oil

Actually, I’m a double hypocrite tonight.  Not only did I break my own Rule, but I just posted all those wonderful places to get free birthday food, and on my actual birthday, I don’t even go to one.  What can I say?  Evenfall is for special days, and what day is more important than my birthday?  (aside from your birthday of course).

Parking is a breeze in their lot.  Don’t be fooled by the entrance.  It looks closed, and a bit uninviting, but trust me, go in.  With reservations (not sure we needed one), we sat right down to enjoy their bread.  The mark of good bread is when it’s tasty plain.  Evenfall’s complimentary bread is amazing on its own, and remarkable smeared with garlic and dipped in spiced and salted oil.  My husband and I have eaten here three times and every time we come, we enjoy it even more.  It’s not cheap, but the food is worth every penny. Each bite seems to have more flavor than the last.  My husband always orders the same dish:  Steak and Frites (fancy word for ‘world’s most amazing French fries’) and I tend to order their seafood.

Pan Seared Salmon

Today was ‘Pan Seared Scottish Salmon with crispy potato scallion pancakes, apple butter, rainbow swiss chard, and smoky pumpkin-lobster nage.’  Are you drooling?  It was absolutely amazing – the kind of meal where you eat as slowly as snails though peanut butter to savor every morsel.  I also relished my husband’s frites, much to his dismay I’m sure.  No ketchup needed here, the fries were bursting with zest in every bite (although it is served with a homemade dipping sauce).

Molten Cake - Before


For dessert, we had Molten Chocolate Cake, served warm on a cold plate with ice cream.  We told them it was my birthday and they beautifully decorated the plate with chocolate (which hardened on the cold plate).  So of course, after slowly devouring the cake, we picked up our knives and proceeded to hack off the decoration and ate that too.  How classy am I?

It’s a good thing their food encourages slow eating, because the service is slow.  Very slow.  Usually this frustrates me, but the restaurant’s pace and ambiance feels more like “relax, no rush” rather than “we’re running behind.”  The meal takes a while to come out, but it’s worth the wait, and gives you plenty of time to enjoy your bread and company.

This is a great place to go for a special night out.  The atmosphere is quiet and romantic; the pace slow and calm.  And a brownie for you if you can use the Rule of 3 to get there.  ¡Buen provecho!

CP4Less:  Community Values, a mail circular that is distributed every few months, almost always has a $10 coupon for Evenfall
Keep it Local:  Evenfall often uses local produce from Brox Farm.
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One Response to Evenfall Restaurant – Haverhill, MA

  1. Mike says:

    That salmon looks delicious, and what a cute birthday plate. Happy Birthday CP! Although, now that I think about it, I really need to work on this rule of 3 thing.

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