Uno’s Bar and Grill – Plaistow

CP Likes Sauce with a Little Eggroll I’m not a fan of chains: chain mail, chain gangs, ball and chain…chain restaurants are no exception.  In general, I find their food to be bland, but of course I’m still willing to eat their food to find out (especially since my bday coupon entitled me to a free entrée).  We arrived at the Plaistow Uno’s at 4pm, parked easily in their lot, and were seated in a bar booth.  This was a fortunate turn of events, because from Sun-Fri from 4-7, turns out they have specials.

In the past, I’ve never seen free snacks at Uno’s but today they had free warm cider (well spiced and reminiscent of cool fall days) and apples.  The cider was even served in to-go cups so it was easy to take some for the drive home.  I admit these are unusual snacks, especially for March, but I enjoyed sipping my cider while I waited for my meal (and in the cold car on the drive home).

Avocado Eggrolls

Hubby and I each ordered an avocado egg roll with tamarind cashew dipping sauce ($6, normally $9).  I’ve had these before and I wasn’t disappointed.  Huge chunks of avocado are rolled in a crunchy eggroll and served with sauce so tasty that after I ate the eggroll, I ate the remaining sauce with a spoon.  The eggrolls are garnished with salty crunchies which satisfied my need to munch.  Be sure to ask for extra sauce – one container isn’t enough for two rolls (and certainly doesn’t leave you any extra to shamelessly spoon-eat).

The Chicken Spinoccoli (chicken stuffed with cheese and veggies over penne in a pesto sauce) looked amazing but didn’t have enough seasoning for me.  I was hoping for a stronger pesto flavor, but at least it was free.

I wasn’t impressed with my entrée, but I adored the eggrolls, so I’m thinking drinks and apps is the way to go next time.  And there is one kind of chain I don’t mind…  😉  ¡Buen provecho!

CP4Less: join their email club for the bday coupon (and get a free app for joining- you could try the eggrolls!)
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