Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop – Manchester

CP tries Sandwich-Flavored Ice Cream Continuing on my birth-month journey, I cashed in my ‘free scoop’ birthday coupon at Ben and Jerry’s in Manchester today.   It was colder outside than the ice cream itself, but come on, it’s free!  The shop is easy to find on Elm Street, but parking is tough (on street and metered) so hubby dropped me off.  I only sampled two flavors because I always feel embarrassed asking (especially since today I wasn’t even buying anything).

First I tried a new flavor made with chocolate covered potato chips: Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack.  It was good (honestly, have you ever had a B&J ice cream that wasn’t?) but not amazing.  The potato chips tasted like malt balls, which I don’t care for.  Next I tried Clusterfluff: peanut butter ice cream with caramel clusters, peanut butter and marshmallow swirls.  I usually don’t like PB ice cream, but I love fluff, so I gave it a go.  Turns out Custerfluff is more than an ice cream, it’s also a time machine.  I was instantly transported to age 6, when my biggest concern was if the rain water would dry off the slide in time for recess.  Clusterfluff is like a fluffernutter sandwich, but better because the PB doesn’t stick to your mouth and rob your ability to speak.  I liked it so much, I choose it for my free scoop instead of my good ol’ Phish Food.

Ben and Jerry’s scoop shops can be a fun place to go (preferably during a warmer month) to try the specialty flavors that never get released in stores.  The prices are steep though, so I save this for a special treat if I actually have to pay 🙂

The b-day coupon worked smoothly and I left happily with my free scoop of Clusterfluff.  Now if only I could fly someplace warm to eat it.  ¡Buen provecho!

CP4Less:  Join their email list to receive a free scoop on your birthday.
Keep it Local: A VT company, Ben and Jerry’s is actively involved in several issues such as developing green freezers, using cage free eggs, and purchasing fair trade ingredients.  An entire portion of their website it dedicated to this topic.
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