Pochito’s Mexican Restaurant – Manchester

UPDATE: Pochito’s has closed.
CP Takes a Latin Lover I judge a book by its cover.  I know the adage, but I do it anyway.  How else am I supposed to choose a book?  To choose restaurants, I read their online menus .  This also helps me waste less of people’s time deciding.  Trust me, it takes forever to even choose what earrings to wear, so dining with me can be a bit tedious.

My father-in-law wanted to check out Pochito’s, a new Mexican restaurant in Manchester.  I found their menu online but was quickly disappointed.  None of the dish descriptions made me salivate.  Had it been up to me, I would have passed and checked out a different place.  But you can’t argue with the father-in-law, right?

Pochito’s has a parking lot, we were quickly seated, and brought water, chips and salsa (things are looking up).  The chips were good and salsa refreshing.  When the basket was low, our server never asked if we wanted more – she just brought more.  And more.  And more.  The energizer bunny must have replaced our salsa/chips at least four times.  Brownie points (I mean, brownies!)

CP with a Latin Lover

The atmosphere was upbeat with lots of chatter.  I was worried because I dislike having to raise my voice just to talk to my companions.  The tables were spaced out so the other conversations did not compete with ours and the music was soft enough that we could easily talk.

Before choosing my meal, I read the most important item: the drink menu.  A Latin Lover?  Of course I had to try it.  I find drinks like this tend to be mainly juice with a splash of liquor.  This drink packed a punch without tasting alcoholicky.  Not a word, but you know what I’m talking about.

After twists and turns down a hallway to the bathroom, I felt like a mouse in a maze, minus the cheese prize at the end.  When I exited the restrooms, I was completely disoriented.  Those mice have it rough.  I needed my GPS, but managed to find my way back.  This would have been much tougher had I been drinking several Latin Lovers, so bar hoppers, beware.  Bring a guide with you or you may never find your way back.

Skip this 'spinach' dip

The Spinach Dip appetizer was not worth it.  It tasted good, but was basically melted Velveeta with a garnish of spinach.  I want food that I can’t recreate at home.  I made out with my Latin Lover instead.

Sizzling fajitas and plates of food descended upon us.  I ordered the Caribbean Plate, and it looked far better than I anticipated.   Haddock, scallops and shrimp with amazing sautéed veggies aside rice that was moist and rich with flavor.  The spices they use were perfect, not hot.  I generally find authentic Mexican food to be bland, but this was not the case.  Everyone at the table raved about the flavors in their food (Caribbean fajitas and Taco salad).

I can’t wait to bring my mother here (she’s from Guatemala) to see what she thinks.  I hope my dad won’t mind if she decides to take a Latin Lover too.   ¡Buen provecho!

CP4Less:  Check out restaurant.com, they currently have Pochito’s gift certs.
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