Country Tavern Restaurant & Pub – Nashua

CP Yearns to go to Hogwarts I am a Harry Potter fan (and by fan, I mean dork- I crocheted myself a Gryffindor scarf).  Hubby and I are both music teachers, and you’ll often hear us joke that our conducting batons are Harry Potter wands (hey, this joke kills in 4th grade).   Before each movie release, my parents, brothers, Hubby and I traditionally get together and watch all the previous movies.  This worked great at first, but with each new release, it got harder because there was always one additional movie to add to the queue.  So in anticipation of needing to watch all seven before the final movie release this July, we are gathering to watch HP1 this evening.

Hubby and I decided to visit Country Tavern beforehand because I only have a few more days to use my birthday month discount.  Country Tavern is a restored farmhouse in Nashua, and if I didn’t live an hour away, I’d eat here once a week.  From the taste of the food, to the drink specials, to the prices, to the staff- Country Tavern is a gem.

Wednesdays mean free apps in the bar from 4-6 and ½ off martinis.  I love a good cocktail menu, and their martini list alone is enough to keep me returning.  I have indulged in several of their unique martinis, including Key Lime Pie, Oatmeal Cookie, Carrot Cake, and Asian Pear.

We parked in their lot and easily found a booth in the bar.  The free apps for today were sweet and spicy chicken wings.  You know my trepidation of spicy food, but Hubby thoroughly enjoyed them and went up for seconds (and thirds).  I spent the time attempting to decide which amazing martini to order.   I had it narrowed down to two, but when I asked the bartender his thoughts on them, he informed me there were other options not on the menu.  Apparently a few of his drinks were poached and showed up on other restaurants’ menus.  Scandalous!  He recommended a Lemon Meringue martini and I jumped right on that.  This whipped cream-topped martini was so scrumptious it may even be a new favorite, and the graham crackers on the rim are an authentic touch.

They bring out rolls if you order an entrée, and both of our meals came with salads, so I enjoyed drinking my pie and eating salad and rolls while hubby devoured chicken wings.  I recommend trying their honey poppy seed dressing- it’s tangy and sweet which makes eating a salad a treat.

Hubby ordered Seafood Fettuccine and I ordered Butternut Squash Ravioli.  The Seafood was smothered in a rich parmesan cream sauce that didn’t overpower the flavor of the plentiful seafood but was strong enough to enhance the pasta.  The Ravioli sauce contained amaretto, and I’d drink it like a smoothie if I could.  The raviolis themselves needed more butternut inside.  In fact, one of my ravioli’s was completely empty!  Luckily, the sauce on plain pasta would still make a great dish.  However, I think it would be even more incredible if the ravioli were stuffed liberally with butternut.  While chatting with the bartender about the sauce, he mentioned that it’s even better made with Frangelico, which implies the sauce is made to order.   I will request this next time.

I must discuss the service.  Every server we’ve ever had here has been exceptionally friendly, relaxed and eager to accommodate, which I find is highly unusual for restaurants.  The bartender, our server this time, was friendly and humorous, but also knew when to retreat and let us be.  I think I overheard him telling another table that the restaurant houses a ghost, so I’m intrigued.  Does anyone know the story?

Country Tavern was a great place to kick-off our Harry Potter marathon.  The food, drinks, service, and prices were stellar; with the only “flaw” being it’s so far away from me!  When I figure out how to use the Floo network, I will surely be a regular here. ¡Buen provecho!

CP4Less: With a Tavern Club card (free, sign up online), all entrees for you and one guest are always $12, lunch is always buy one get one free, a free entrée during your birthday month, and Sunday buffet is always $2 off.  Check their website for monthly specials such as ½ drinks.
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2 Responses to Country Tavern Restaurant & Pub – Nashua

  1. Janice Pouliot says:

    The snacks I have around the house is not satisfying my hunger after reading about the Country Tavern and I am really in the mood for a martini. I will go to this restaraunt but I probably will not be as entertained as I was reading about it.


  2. Clean Plate says:

    Thanks! Good luck choosing a martini, they have so many, you may need to try more than one!

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