Mame’s Restaurant – Meredith

Click for icon explanationHappy Birthday – Have some Stitches  Ahh, Birthday Parties.  Mom was always good about having fantastic, affordable, theme-parties.  For my cat-themed 7th birthday, we had a homemade cat cake, homemade piñata cat head, and several silly games like pass the ball of yarn.  When my brother celebrated his 7th birthday, he requested a pirate-themed party.  Mom plundered the dollar store and purchased plastic swords for the guests.  I’m sure we had a blast battling pirates with our ‘authentic’ swords.  I took a good swipe at my brother and – there she blows – connected with the back of his skull (yes, I attacked when his back was turned- but that’s just good battle technique).  While plastic swords are certainly safer than say, a machete, they still aren’t designed to come in direct contact with skulls during battle.  Long story short, brother goes to the hospital and comes home with stitches.  Luckily I wasn’t forced to walk the plank.

My grandmother-in-law recently celebrated her 90th birthday.  Go Grandma!  To celebrate, the in-laws organized lunch at Mame’s, a restaurant in Meredith near her retirement community.  Originally a brick home built in 1825, it was converted into a restaurant in 1978, so it has an old-fashioned country feel.  The menu has a wide variety of food and prices, ranging from inexpensive lunch entrées to upscale specials.

I ordered tea with honey, but they oddly informed me they didn’t have honey.  Because there were eleven of us in the party, it’s tough to gauge service and speed, so I’ll just talk about food.   The Seafood Scampi Pizza was covered with crab, lobster, alfredo sauce and cheese for $11.  Even the crust, with a slight sweet flavor, was tasty.  The prominent seafood was accented with creamy sauce.  The pizza was very small, but there was quite a bit of seafood, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with the cost/size ratio.  My Maple Scallops with Risotto was disappointing.  Risotto, which I usually love, had absolutely no flavor and was like eating plain white rice.  Maybe they forgot an ingredient?  The scallops were drizzled with a maple balsamic sauce which complimented the scallops, but whoever did the drizzling should have made it rain a little harder: there wasn’t enough to flavor all the scallops.  I noticed online that the Maple Scallops are no longer on the menu- I wonder if I’m not the only one who found it lacking and they replaced it with something more tantalizing?  The enormous slices of cheesecake, decorated for the birthday gal, were rich and sinful.  I decided to eat half of my slice and take the rest home, but when I glanced down, my plate was empty.

While I wasn’t impressed with my meal, Rick’s pizza was so good that if I’m ever in this area again, I’ll return just for the pizza.  Thankfully the party favors were chocolates, so I was able to restrain myself from attacking Rick’s grandmother with plastic weaponry.  Puts a new spin on ‘death by chocolate’ though.  ¡Buen provecho!

CP4Less: currently has gift certs for Mame’s.
Keep it Local: unknown
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