TBones – Derry

My Dad – the Pop of Corn Dad’s humor always makes me roll my eyes even though I secretly chuckle.  He loves jokes that play with words or take a common phrase literally.  His sense of humor is at times bizarre.  Example?  Dad makes popcorn every time I visit (not the odd part, we love popcorn).  One Harry Potter night, while scarfing down popcorn, Dad said “when I die I want my coffin to be filled with popcorn.”  Why?  “So that as people walk by to pay their respects they can grab a salty handful to snack on.”  Of course.

If you eat in the bar at the Derry TBones, be sure to ask for popcorn to snack on while you wait (they’ll only bring it if you ask).  [Update: a CP reader informed me Tbones has complimentary bread in the dining room, so ask for that too!]  We parked easily in their large parking lot, and my friend Jen and I grabbed a booth in the bar.  Their drink menu is tantalizing but far too short.  I know they have a full bar, but I need a menu to suggest  fun concoctions.  We both started the night with a Raspberry Cosmo ($6 if ordered between 4-6pm).  It was sweet and tangy and way too easy to drink!

For an appetizer, we tried the Chicken Quesadilla ($6 if ordered from 4-6pm).  It was enormous, and filled to the brim with chicken, cheese, and veggies.  It was so stuffed with wonderful food that it resembled a burrito more than a traditional flat quesadilla: definitely a good sized appetizer to share.

My salmon (with two sides, I chose broccoli and butternut squash) was seasoned to perfection and cooked just right.  I enjoyed the combination of broccoli, squash and salmon together.  It was a fairly small portion, but at only $16 (and with a side salad no less) this is not unreasonable for seafood.

I am looking forward to returning to TBones, although I recommend going when you can take advantage of their drink and app specials (visit their website for more details).  Dad- I’m sorry to say, I hear that no food is allowed anywhere inside a funeral home, so no-go on the popcorn casket.  Bummer Pop, that’s a corny law!  (you groan, but I guarantee Dad’s loving it).  ¡Buen provecho!

CP4Less:  Join their rewards program and for every $100 you spend at Tbones or Cactus Jacks, you get a $10 gift certificate.  Join their email list and you’ll receive coupons from time to time (and one for your birthday).
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One Response to TBones – Derry

  1. annette says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m going to join their rewards program. Great pictures. I’ll definitely try their quesadilla.

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