MaryAnn’s Diner – Derry

My First Flash Mob (sort of)  According to the dictionary, a flash mob is “a group of people who quickly assemble in a public place, do something bizarre, and disperse.”  I first heard about flash mobs in 2007 from a teacher during my master’s degree.  I studied with the same group of women for the entire program, so after two years, we had grown close as well as punchy.  During lunch, we decided to do a flash mob during class to surprise our professor.  Class was conducted in a seated circle, so our plan was to, at a specific time, all take off one shoe, place it in the center, and return to our seats.  When the time came, instead of watching with confusion, our professor simply paused his sentence, took off his own shoe without any knowledge of why we all did, and casually placed his shoe on the pile.  Now, while a flash mob is meant to be enjoyed by the unaware observer, not joined in by, this certainly gave the rest of us a good laugh and insight into our professor’s go-with-the-flow personality.

Since graduating, our class gets together every so often to catch up.   Recently, we met at MaryAnn’s for brunch.  There is a convenient parking lot in back of the building and the atmosphere inside is bright and fun.  They sat us in an enormous booth conveniently secluded so we wouldn’t bother our neighbors, and our server did an excellent job of frequently checking in on us.  Although I don’t drink coffee, I was impressed with how frequently she came back to offer coffee refills.

Their extensive menu included  Guinness Raspberry Steak Tips, which I think Rick would love to try.  The menu itself is a bit off-putting: stating “No substitutions on any breakfast.”  Unsure what that meant, I asked for no peppers in my omelet anyway, which seemed to be fine.  The Loaded Veggie Omelet – $5.75 – was indeed gloriously loaded, although a little too much cheese for my taste.  The pan fries were crispy on the outside, soft inside and well seasoned.

I’ve heard several people speak highly of MaryAnn’s, but while my meal was tasty, it wasn’t amazing.  To be fair, I’m not the biggest fan of eating breakfast out- I much prefer lunch, dinner, dessert or drinks. Even when I do, I almost always order an omelet, so my opinion is obviously incomplete.  What MaryAnn’s does have is cheap prices, quick service, and the food comes out fast.   I’m sure the other patrons appreciated that we didn’t do an encore performance of our shoe flash mob.   ¡Buen provecho!

Help me break the omelet cycle.
What’s your favorite dish to order when you eat out for breakfast?

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6 Responses to MaryAnn’s Diner – Derry

  1. annette says:

    I think the best part of Maryanne’s is the 50’s-60’s ambiance. The waitresses actually wear poodle skirts!

    • Clean Plate says:

      I’m ashamed to say I somehow missed the poodle skirts! Our booth was separated out from the main restaurant, so we didn’t get to enjoy the ambiance- looks like now I have to go back- for that, and those Guinness tips!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rather than eggs, I always opt for something a bit sweeter…raisin French Toast or a Belgium waffle. Very diverse of me, don’t you think?

  3. murph says:

    For me it has to be a couple of poached eggs served on top of real home made corned beef hash…. none of that canned junk…. and some great home fries to seal the deal

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