Riverwalk Cafe and Coffee Shop – Nashua

On a Bailey’s Mission Someone please invent me a TAA help group (Thorough-Addicts Anonymous).  When I got married, I made a database of every wedding location within 2 hours and dragged my poor husband-to-be to almost every one.  When we moved, I made a list of every restaurant within a 30 minute radius and I’ve been trying to visit them all ever since.  I despise the feeling that I’m missing out on something, so my solution is to explore all options.  Not actually possible, I know – hence my need for the help group.  Buffets are torture because I need to try everything offered, which means I end up fuller than Thanksgiving.  While in Ireland, my Thorough Addiction forced me to try everything  Bailey’s flavored (5 cheesecakes and 6 ice creams) although I’m disappointed to say not a single one hit the spot.  When I saw Bailey’s gelato (similar to ice cream)at Riverwalk Café and Coffee House in Nashua, you know what I had to do.

Riverwalk conveniently has a parking lot and is a typical coffee joint where you order at the counter and either take your food with you or eat at a table.  The menu is posted on the wall behind the counter and they have a Gelato Fiaso freezer on the side.   I’ve tried Fiasco’s gelato in the past and have been very impressed, but I don’t see it often because they’re based in Maine.  The employees (one was on her first day of training) were very friendly and asked if I wanted a sample.  Well Bailey’s of course!  They proceeded to strongly encourage me to try the rest of the flavors, and I complied.  They chatted happily with me as they walked me through all the flavors, which  change each week.

Even though they were fairly busy, the counter workers were friendly and patient, which was a welcome change after the impatient interaction I experienced at BeanTowne Coffee.  Rick and I ordered two sandwiches to share – an Asian Turkey Wrap and Eggplant Panini.  We grabbed a table and admired the local wares that were on sale; always nice to see local businesses supporting each other.  Our sandwiches were prepared quickly.  The Eggplant Panini (breaded eggplant, roasted red peppers, cheese, lettuce and pesto sauce) was delicious, although the eggplant was so thin I couldn’t really see or taste it.  If the sandwich was renamed so I didn’t expect the eggplant to dominate, they’d be all set.  Interestingly, it is named the Vegetariano Panini on their website, which makes loads more sense.

The Asian Turkey Wrap deserves its own review page.  Diced turkey, mango chutney, cilantro, mayo, peanuts and lettuce made for the best cold sandwich I’ve ever had.  The texture of the crunchy nuts really made this wrap stand out.  I wish I lived closer so I could eat one for lunch every day (hmmm, probably good that I don’t).  Just writing this makes me want to drive over there and get one.

I ordered a cup of Bailey’s and Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel gelato for dessert.  The Bailey’s gelato was far better than any Bailey’s ice cream I had in Ireland (they all just tasted like vanilla).  This gelato was incredibly rich, creamy, and with the deliciously strong flavor of Baileys, could never be confused with vanilla.  The PB Chocolate Pretzel (which I discovered I liked thanks to the sampling generosity of the staff) was salty, crunchy and chocolatey.

I live an hour from Nashua, but Riverwalk’s friendly service and delicious food means I look forward to visiting the next time I’m in the area.  And Nashua is certainly closer then Ireland, so I’m glad their Bailey’s is better!  ¡Buen provecho!

Is there a favorite food that you continuously try at various restaurants to find who makes it the best?  Comment below!

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