Thousand Crane – Manchester

I Call ‘Cat on Lap!’ I’ve already introduced you to one of my neurotic rules –Rule of 3-, so I might as well confess my ‘cat on lap’ rule.  I’ve always had affectionate pets.  Growing up, our  cat Purry was super snugly (I totally thought there were 2 g’s in snugly), and Rick and I are the proud parents of two super cuddly cats, Lua and Bailey.  If you have a love-addicted pet, than you know how heart wrenching it can be to remove them from your lap.  I mean, they chose YOU for their nap location!   So, in our family, if you have a cat (or any pet) sleeping on you, then you can call ‘cat on lap’ and anyone else in close vicinity has to get you stuff (glass of water, snack, book, remote control…the possibilities are endless!)  Case in point – the other night I had cat on lap (here’s a picture for proof) and consequently couldn’t make dinner.  So I called Rick on his way home from work, activated the rule and asked him to grab some take-out for dinner.

He decided to try Thousand Crane, a Chinese and Japanese Restaurant.  He selected some standby takeout favorites (crab rangoon, fried rice, beef broccoli, sesame chicken) and a few new and unusual things.  I appreciated the sturdy containers used for the liquidy meals in place of the typical paper cups.  It kept the counter cleaner, and it was far easier to store leftovers in the fridge.

Our order of crab rangoons were filled with the classic creamy filling.  Strangely, the rangoons that accompanied the mango dinner plate were prettier but had far less filling.  The Mango Shrimp was a pleasant surprise, as long as I ate the mango and shrimp separately.  The chunks of mango were sweet and the shrimp was breaded with a great flavor, I just didn’t enjoy the combination of the two together.

Both the Pork and Vegetable fried rice were moist, and tasty even after reheating in the microwave the following day . 

Their Beef with Broccoli was my favorite.  The meat was tender, the sauce was flavorful but not overly salty, and it all tasted amazing mixed in with the fried rice.  And check out how the broccoli isn’t cooked to death!

I’d never heard of, much less eaten, edamame – you suck the delicious soy beans  out and toss the pod (the outside is lightly salted).  These were fun to eat and the beans had a silky texture.  I have since found the product for sale in Hannaford’s natural freezer section; they not only taste even better than Thousand Crane’s, but you get more for your $$.  I eat them pretty much every day now!

The Vegetable Tempura was gross- the soggy fried vegetables were 99% breading.  The zucchini and eggplant were the worst, the mushroom and broccoli were tolerable, while the sweet potatoes were okay, since they tasted a bit like sweet potato fries.  I suggest you pass on this.

The Sesame Chicken had a good, strong sweet sauce, lots of sesame seeds, and was delicious, although there seemed to be a lot more breading than chicken.  I prefer my sesame chicken with a little breading, not the other way around.

Rick really liked the Unagi Sashimi (eel), but it was only okay in my opinion (it’s the item on the right of the next picture, hidden underneath the garnish).

The Ebi (shrimp sushi on the left of the picture) was tasty, but when is white rice with seafood not good?!  I love the texture of rice in sushi, so this was a tasty treat.  I wish we had ordered more!

I passed on the egg drop soup, as I’ve never been able to stomach the texture of it, but I was told it was enjoyable, and it appeared to have nice chunks of cooked egg white and carrots.

This is one of the better Chinese food places but it’s not amazing.  I believe they have all-you-can-eat sushi on Thursdays for $20, although I’ve never been.  The 45 minute drive means we probably won’t be back, so I’ll keep looking for a good “can’t cook, I have cat on lap” take-out place.

My Dad has tried calling “Future Cat on Lap,” claiming to my poor mother that she needed to bring him a glass of water because “what if Yoda (their cat) wants to sit on my lap while I’m up and I miss it?”  Mom actually called me on the phone (I’m the original creator of the rule and therefore the interpreter of any discrepancies) and asked for a ruling.  Sorry Dad, while I applaud your ingenuity, “future cat on lap” is not grounds for making other people do your dirty work.  I, on the other hand, have a laptop AND a cat on lap, so I think I’ll ask Rick to make me a mudslide.  Ahh, I love this rule….  ¡Buen provecho!

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One Response to Thousand Crane – Manchester

  1. Mike Soha says:

    I think the Thousand Crane is my favorite Chinese place in Manchester. If you find another one, I’ll be interested. Love the edamame.
    Chinese and a mudslide sounds very good right now.

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