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Barley House – Concord (part 2)

Need to build a submarine?  Go to the Library! My dad both loves to – and excels at – learning new things.  He chooses a hobby, researches it, and then follows through.  Example:  He is not, nor has ever been, … Continue reading

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Thousand Crane – Manchester

I Call ‘Cat on Lap!’ I’ve already introduced you to one of my neurotic rules –Rule of 3-, so I might as well confess my ‘cat on lap’ rule.  I’ve always had affectionate pets.  Growing up, our  cat Purry was … Continue reading

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Cactus Jacks – Manchester

Whose Cheese is That? Whenever I visit my parents, my mom likes to put out a cheese and cracker plate.  When she  puts the platter down, without fail my dad will ask, “Whose cheese is that?” and then waits expectantly … Continue reading

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BeanTowne Coffee – Hampstead

Why I Shouldn’t Drive a Big Rig I can’t drive more than 30 minutes before getting sleepy.  I first noticed this phenomenon in high school, and quickly adapted my habits.  If I had to travel far, I had someone else … Continue reading

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MaryAnn’s Diner – Derry

My First Flash Mob (sort of)  According to the dictionary, a flash mob is “a group of people who quickly assemble in a public place, do something bizarre, and disperse.”  I first heard about flash mobs in 2007 from a … Continue reading

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La Carreta – Manchester

¿Que hora es? Mom is from Guatemala, which is great because this means she speaks Spanish and I’ve been introduced to fantastic customs, food, and culture.  But it also has its drawbacks:  half my family lives so far away and … Continue reading

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Mame’s Restaurant – Meredith

Happy Birthday – Have some Stitches  Ahh, Birthday Parties.  Mom was always good about having fantastic, affordable, theme-parties.  For my cat-themed 7th birthday, we had a homemade cat cake, homemade piñata cat head, and several silly games like pass the … Continue reading

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Loaf and Ladle

My Brother is a Bread Hoarder Growing up, when my brother wanted bread, he would open the bag, take out a piece, and bite a corner off.  Then he’d put that slice down, take out the next one, and bite … Continue reading

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Firefly American Bistro and Bar – Manchester

Country Music Got it Right By day- and nights, and weekends- I’m a music teacher.  Considering that I have my undergrad and masters, you’d think I’d have very refined music taste.  Beethoven Symphonies.  Vivaldi Concertos.  I do love the classics, … Continue reading

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Uno’s Bar and Grill – Plaistow

CP Likes Sauce with a Little Eggroll I’m not a fan of chains: chain mail, chain gangs, ball and chain…chain restaurants are no exception.  In general, I find their food to be bland, but of course I’m still willing to … Continue reading

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