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Barley House – Concord (part 2)

Need to build a submarine?  Go to the Library! My dad both loves to – and excels at – learning new things.  He chooses a hobby, researches it, and then follows through.  Example:  He is not, nor has ever been, … Continue reading

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Richard’s Bistro – Manchester

UPDATE:  Richard’s closed and re-opened as Delux 36,  with the chef from Richard’s as the new owner.  According to their Facebook page, old gift cards to Richard’s will be honored during January 2012 at 50% value.  Strangely, the website states … Continue reading

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Firefly American Bistro and Bar – Manchester

Country Music Got it Right By day- and nights, and weekends- I’m a music teacher.  Considering that I have my undergrad and masters, you’d think I’d have very refined music taste.  Beethoven Symphonies.  Vivaldi Concertos.  I do love the classics, … Continue reading

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