About CP

Welcome!  I love food and wine!  My husband and I are both music teachers, but when I’m not singing kid songs, you’ll find us at a restaurant (where sometimes I’m still singing kid songs, much to Rick’s chagrin, but that’s a story for another time).

Clean Plate is my way of keeping track of NH food and wine.  I love eating out but I have a horrible memory.  I kept asking poor Rick, “Do you remember if I liked this dish/drink/restaurant?”  Hubby and I pay for everything we review (on a teacher’s salary-ouch) minus my superhero coupon abilities (see CP4Less to do it too).  If I’m ever lucky enough to be offered a product to review, like a free app or bottle of wine (how cool would that be?!) I’ll tell you in the post and review it honestly.  And don’t forget to comment on a review if you agree or disagree!

Restaurants My criteria for restaurants is a flavorful meal, refilling my water glass frequently (weird huh?) and if they have complimentary snacks.  Price is important too, but I’m willing to pay a high price for quality food.  I love seafood, sweet potatoes, anything with mushrooms/onions/garlic, and fruity bar drinks, so you’ll see those frequently.  I’m too much of a wimp to eat spicy food (and olives, lemon juice, pickles, and vinegar), so trust my husband’s opinion there!

Wine I am not a sommelier and I do not “know about wine,” I just know what I like – usually the sweet stuff. Wine aficionados would say I have a “sweet palette,” which is another way of saying my wine should taste like dessert.  I want nothing to do with hints of oak, tobacco, or grass.  Grass?  I do not want my wine to remind me of the flecks that fly in my mouth when I’m sweatin’ it out with the lawn mower.   I favor fruit wine, ice wine, mead, and riesling.  If you are a wine connoisseur, ignore my ‘sugar high’ recommendations, drive on over to the local wineries and try their wines (actually, EVERYONE should do this, it’s a fantastic day out, and it’s free!).  I love trying new wine, so if you have a suggestion for me, let me know. Agree or disagree with a post? Wine is fun to talk about, so comment on the review and join in.

Keep it Local I enjoy supporting NH businesses, and I like to see them supporting each other.  In general, I will review local NH restaurants and wine, and include information on how the businesses “keep it local.”

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