Zorvino Vineyards – Sandown

I never used to enjoy drinking wine- it was dry and unpleasant. Zorvino (Sandown, NH) is where I had my first fruit wine, and I credit them with opening my eyes (well, mouth) to the possibility of delicious wine. Thanks Zorvino! This is a fun place to go for a tasting. Everyone is laid back, friendly, and they honestly just want you to enjoy yourself. In fact when I was there, a customer came in to pick up a bottle and as she approached the checkout, an employee said, “Wait, you’re not going to try any?” She replied, “I’ve already had this before, I know I like it.” To which they encouraged, “Well you should try it again just in case!” The wine is priced at $10-$15 a bottle. They certainly know their wine, and can ‘talk the talk’ if you’re a wine pro, but on the flip side, their mantra is that wine should be fun. If you like to drink chilled red wine, do it. If you like an ice cube in your wine, do it. I’ve come on several occasions, bringing friends and family for a nice day out (I live nearby) and I highly I recommend you do the same – in fact, shoot me a message and I’ll meet you there!  I’m serious!  Zorvino carries a wide variety of local NH products such as salsa, sauces, chocolates, wine charms, and more. You’ll also hear the employees recommend visiting other NH wineries as well. It’s nice to see a company promoting those in the area rather than bringing them down. Consider signing up for Zorvino’s frequent buyer card (free). For every $200 in purchases, you’ll receive a $20 gift cert.  ¡Salud!

PearZ  I did not like this wine at first.  It had a strong chardonnay aroma, followed with a strong chardonnay-like first sip.  I though, “not for me,” until the aftertaste hit.  The tart aftertaste mixed with a hint of sweetness forced my taste buds to salivate (like the sourpatch candy), making me take another sip.  Again, the front hits you like a chard, but the aftertaste ramps up the flavor.  I surprisingly  enjoyed this unusual wine even though it was far dryer than I usually go for.   The completion of every sip makes you yearn for another.  This was a unique find, and I’m so glad I gave this one a chance.  Smooth and crisp, this wine is best served chilled.

Click for icon explanationCherriez Homage to the Papa: My dad’s favorite fruit has always been Bing cherries, so I thought it’d be a nice Father’s Day treat to try a Zorvino wine made from them. Both my parents enjoyed this wine and quickly served themselves a second pour, but I found it to be tart (not a bad thing) with an subtle unpleasant aftertaste (bad thing). The taste overall is very subdued; no forward obvious flavors. To be honest, I wouldn’t have known it was a cherry wine if there wasn’t a huge image of cherries on the label. Good thing Dad liked it, Happy Father’s Day!

Bacca Z and Chocolate  Van Otis Chocolateand Zorvino have partnered up to create a chocolate disk filled with wine. They currently have discs filled with Bacca Z, Fragole, and Papa Z’s

Van Otis uses a "code" on many of their chocolates - the "B" here signifies that Bacca Z is inside!

Bluez wines. Today I tried Bacca Z (black raspberry wine) with its corresponding chocolate. Beware: pop the entire chocolate in your mouth and then bite down or risk a geyser of wine shooting across the room. Silly me, I knew it was filled with wine, I just didn’t think through what would happen if I only took a bite. Luckily, I had several more to practice with. You know I already love Bacca Z wine, so this combination of chocolate and wine is delightfully dangerous. Before you know it, the wine and chocolate have both disappeared.

Click for icon explanationFragole Z Zorvino’s Fragole is a strawberry wine made with – surprise- strawberries. Sweet and light, this wine is perfect for a summer night. I purchased a bottle but I’m sad to say that when I opened it at home, it was a little more syrupy than I remembered. Still refreshing, but a little overbearing.

Bacca Z We all hear drinking red wine provides healthy anti-oxidants, but what do you do when you can’t stand the harshness of a red wine? Drink Zorvino’s Bacca Z! This wine is a blend of black raspberries and a merlot, and it (thankfully) tastes nothing like a typical red wine. It’s smooth and sweet and dangerously easy to drink.


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