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Water Street Cafe – Laconia

One of these things is not like the other…. (Read with grandfatherly-type voice) “Back in the olden days, when people didn’t lock their cars…” my dad worked for a hospital doing HVAC repairs. Part of his job often included driving the department’s white van … Continue reading

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Riverwalk Cafe and Coffee Shop – Nashua

On a Bailey’s Mission Someone please invent me a TAA help group (Thorough-Addicts Anonymous).  When I got married, I made a database of every wedding location within 2 hours and dragged my poor husband-to-be to almost every one.  When we … Continue reading

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TBones – Derry

My Dad – the Pop of Corn Dad’s humor always makes me roll my eyes even though I secretly chuckle.  He loves jokes that play with words or take a common phrase literally.  His sense of humor is at times … Continue reading

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900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza – Manchester

Fool Me Twice…  “7 days without pizza makes one weak.”   Every Monday after tee-ball practice, Mom, Dad, my two brothers and I would squeeze into a booth at the Candia House of Pizza and split a large.  As time went … Continue reading

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Pochito’s Mexican Restaurant – Manchester

UPDATE: Pochito’s has closed. CP Takes a Latin Lover I judge a book by its cover.  I know the adage, but I do it anyway.  How else am I supposed to choose a book?  To choose restaurants, I read their … Continue reading

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Van Otis Chocolates – Manchester

CP Smells Like a Dog Not that kind of smell, I wore deodorant today (although I do keep an extra stick at work for when I forget).  What I mean is, my freakishly alert nose notices smells that others don’t.  … Continue reading

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Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop – Manchester

CP tries Sandwich-Flavored Ice Cream Continuing on my birth-month journey, I cashed in my ‘free scoop’ birthday coupon at Ben and Jerry’s in Manchester today.   It was colder outside than the ice cream itself, but come on, it’s free!  The … Continue reading

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The Barley House – Concord

CP Rocks a Mustache Do you have a bucket list?  So does my mother-in-law!  She’s always wanted to go dog sledding, so our Christmas gift was a family dog sledding trip at Muddy Paw, which we did today.  On the … Continue reading

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